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Fun with Red Star OS

Fun with Red Star OS

Red Star OS is a North Korean Linux distribution, with development first starting in 1998 at the Korea Computer Center (KCC). Prior to its release, computers in North Korea typically used Red Hat Linux and Windows XP.

Version 3.0 was released in the summer of 2013, but as of 2014, version 1.0 continues to be more widely used. It is offered only in a Korean language edition, localized with North Korean terminology and spelling. Wikipedia

Let’s say you got your filthy hands on an ISO of Red Star OS Desktop 3.0 (like, 5 years ago but you forgot about it). The obvious next step is to install it on your main computer and give it access to the outside so it can spread love and goodness. Just kidding, install that motherfucker in a virtual machine (VirtualBox, VMware, etc), just because.


The Networking part in the Setup is not set to use DHCP by default so make sure you change that. Just click on the rightmost button (Next) until it starts installing. We can boot the installer into English but we’re larp-ing as a leet North Korean hacker, right?

After it finished installing, rebooting (press Esc if you want verbose boot) and taking over your internal network like a good Skyne… Kimnet should, start by enabling root access for your default user because you want to mess around and hackers always mess around as root.

COVID-19 and the Rise of Biosurveillance

Biosurveillance is the process of tracking medical and health data for clues about a possible health event like an outbreak. Historically, it’s a normal and necessary part of public health. But COVID-19 took everyone off guard, and now our governments will be looking for ways to strengthen future biosurveillance methods.

With the current availability of remote health monitoring and vaccination-tracking apps (along with other types of “pandemic tech” and biometrics), we face an alarming scenario: the steps we take today for the worthy goal of fighting COVID, could someday be used against us in the advancement of mass surveillance. Imagine anti-terror techniques plus digital contact tracing all rolled into one, then add some artificially intelligent police drones and a few cybercriminals looking to profit off medical ransomware. The surveillance state is going to have a heyday.

Anna Davis

Flying in the Dark

Not having analytics on your website means your audience is whatever size you need to imagine it to be at a given time.

Embarrassed about your dumb writing? Don’t worry, nobody is actually looking.

Worried nobody is looking? Don’t be silly, everybody is reading it.

Win - Win.

Security Audit #007A6E

Security Audit #007A6E

This is a password-protected security audit and most likely you’re not supposed to have access to it. Don’t take it personally, I wouldn’t bother too much if I were you.